Monday, December 24, 2012

Thankful Heart

"Life is like a journey,
Who knows when it ends,
But if you want to know
The measure of a man
You simply count his friends...

Stop and look around you -
The glory that you see
Is born again each day,
Don't let it slip away,
How precious life can be!"

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dynamic Sketching Wrap-Up

 Our final project for Dynamic Sketching class was to make a book or compilation of our best sketches from the class.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Honesty by XKCD

Link to website

Every once in a while, XKCD really hits the nail on the head. Almost too often, in fact.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dynamic Sketching Week 7

So. I never thought I'd say this because I'm a stereotypical girl who couldn't tell a Mazda from a Maserati. But... I fucking love drawing cars.

Not exactly a car. A horse-drawn fire engine from 1913.

1979 called.

Couldn't draw a bunch of cars without getting in a few DeLoreans

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was left unfinished because I realized I was running out of time for my redesign. Also I realized way late that I somehow COMPLETELY botched the perspective but WHATEVER

This was also the first week that I actually felt like I did a good job on the redesign. Some friends and I visited the new Cars Land in California Adventure on Thanksgiving weekend, and it got me thinking about a car character - a nervous professor type which I ultimately based off of a Ford Model T Roadster.

I still don't really know how to render anything, especially reflective shit like cars. But in general, the cars assignment has really REALLY helped me to see form and perspective the way I should be seeing it when I draw. I'm definitely starting to look bigger picture, think about simplification, and keep details for later (if at all).

This week is tanks. I'm still a stereotypical girl in that I'm kind of meh about tanks. The military museum we went to on Saturday was cool, but since then I've drawn a grand total of ONE tank. I'm looking forward to planes though (next week).

By the way: now I CAN tell a Mazda from a Maserati. Hooray for learning.