Thursday, February 28, 2013

Steve Smulka's Glass paintings

These are oil paintings. So. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

 About a gazillion more of these can be found on Steve Smulka's website, so go ahead and spend some time there if you feel like feeling unaccomplished today. (He also has a collection of female figure paintings, which are very beautiful as well.) Usually, hyper-realistic paintings have a tendency to leave me a bit cold - I'm more partial to a looser, atmospheric style and more fantastical/caricatured subjects - but I can't help but admire these. I'd love to see a process breakdown. How do you even start a painting like this?

Originally found on the Lines and Colors blog.

© Gina Florio 2013


  1. Lately I've been into art. After nail art, now I'm looking for some easy glass painting designs and patterns that I can start off with. Thanks for giving me some ideas. ;-)

  2. Hi, lovely site and your Glass Painting Designs is awesome. Thanks for sharing!