Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daily Sketches Weeks 13-14

Last couple weeks of work.

Mar 22 - drawings of Zosia Mamet that don't look like Zosia Mamet

(I was still working on the poster at this point so I missed a day)

Mar 24 - initial sketches for a personal creature design project

Mar 25 - I'm slightly obsessed with the BBC's 'Sherlock'/Benedict Cumberbatch

Mar 26 - more Cumberbatches

Mar 27 - preliminary Watson sketches

Mar 28 - gnome lady

Mar 29 - a visit to the Getty with my family, who was visiting

Mar 30 - cartoon versions of family

Mar 31 - some silly easter bunny concepts

Apr 1 - finished Watson

Apr 2 - Moriarity

Apr 3 - Sabor y Cultura Café - Dave's and my drawing/writing spot

Apr 4 - goats - research for the creature design project

Apr 5 - random giraffe professor

Apr 6 - I'm short.

I've now been keeping up with sketch-a-day for 3 months, and I'm so glad I have. Last fall, it was so easy to start my day, sit down at my computer in the morning, and think, "I'll just draw during lunch at work." Then lunch would roll around, and I'd think, "I'll just draw tonight." And then I'd go home from work, cook dinner, collapse on the couch and say, "I'll just draw tomorrow." But now that I've been keeping up with it for so long, it would actually be hard to stop, because I'd be ruining my own running streak. Some days aren't great (Easter bunnies). But some days I go to bed being proud of what I produced that day (Moriarity). And those days make it worth it.

Side note - Becky Kramer's Brother, the band whose poster I drew, had their first concert in a while on Friday night, and I was very excited to see that they had gotten prints of the poster! And not only that - they'd set aside a poster for me and all signed it. I may not be thrilled with the final result - but I have to admit, it was really special to hold a print of my first semi-official commission, and my first digital painting, in my hands. It's up on my home office wall now, serving as a reminder of what I've accomplished so far, and of how far I have still to go.

© Gina Florio 2013


  1. Excellent. My favourite by far is the Sabor Cafe sketch.

  2. Awesome sketches, Gina! It's really cool to see how you develop your portraits them from concept to finish.