Friday, July 12, 2013

Nightlife on the Pixar Campus

Most people who call themselves passionate about concept art and animation dream of working at Pixar. I would say that this article only heightens the status of the legendary campus from 'workplace of dreams' to 'Animator's Olympus': The Hottest Bars in Emeryville, CA are at Pixar Animation Studios

I do think Pixar has somewhat lost its way artistically lately, turning to sequels and prequels after its years of funny, heartfelt AND financially successful originals. So I can't say that I dream of working there, exactly (not that I'd turn it DOWN... Pixar talent scouts who are obviously reading my blog). But I would definitely love to work at a place that has this sort of attitude towards fun, a similar drive for bringing its people together (while blowing off creative steam).

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