Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Artist Discovery: Chris Oatley

I am somewhat obsessive about learning and reading about the world of concept art. We're lucky to live in this digital age where we have access to incredible tutorials, anecdotal blog posts, concept art projects, tips, and more on the web. It's an age of sharing and cooperating and learning together across continents. I often discover new artists just by following artists that I already know and love, who talk to or post links to the artists that THEY love. Today I discovered Chris Oatley, who has recorded several podcasts with one of my favorite artists, Noah Bradley.

On top of these two occasions of recording together, Chris's regularly solo 'Artcast' and blog is filled with a ton of information, everything from his daily routine to avoiding artistic burnout to health insurance for artists... AND free tutorials... AND he runs an online digital painting class. I'm incredbly thankful to people like Chris and Noah, who spend their very valuable time passing down information, free of charge, to aspiring artists like myself.

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  1. Chris is awesome. You should just email him. He's incredibly nice and does get back to everyone who writes him. He's also incredibly busy; pitching, writing his own comic, working and running his online school (as well as moving the other day). He mentors quite a bit; all you have to do is keep in touch. If you're into him, you might want to check out one of his influences and read up on his books; Brian McDonald (who was actually in town the other day at the Writer's Store in Burbank hosting a seminar, which Chris also attended/ invited me to attend, along with other animators). Brian is one of the best kept secrets of the animation world, held in high regard for story in studios such as Pixar, ILM and Disney. Start with Ink Spots (you'll see Chris' Amazon review, too lol). Good luck!