Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why We Need Fantasy

A great quote from something I found today on Reddit.

"Sometimes, a little fantasy can make all the difference for people, whose lives are filled with many hard realities. I got into costuming to escape, and sometimes I can help other people escape too. We all need a breather sometimes, a little bit of air, and pretend, before we can shoulder it again... So don't listen, please, to people who say things like 'useless fantasy'. That means they probably never needed it, and I'm glad for them that they don't, because that also means their lives are pretty good. But they don't understand, and frankly, we don't need them to. We can change the world ourselves, for the better, using *what* we love to help those *who* we love. Us, with our ridiculous outfits and hobbies and obsessions, can do a kind of good that serious and practical people can't. So please, do something with what you do."

Here's the photo album with the quote in case you're interested (the costumer in question made his own, very impressive, Iron Man costume and entertains children with Downs Syndrome).

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