Thursday, November 29, 2012

'The Hobbit' Making-Of Video: Post Production

This isn't necessarily art related. Actually it has a lot more to do with editing, which is what I do for a living right now. But you know what?! I'm going to go ahead and share it anyway, yes I am.

Somehow I was unaware that they were even making these 'production diaries,' which is a shame because now I have a backlog of eight 15-minute videos to watch. Anyway, this is a lot like what I do for a living... except about 10,000 times more awesome. (There is some concept art in there though! I had no idea that concept artists stayed on all the way through POST production... a complete revelation to me! Although it makes total sense with such an effects/greenscreen-heavy film.)

To draw a parallel - I feel like a lot of what I've been going through this year, especially how I've become so invested in this drawing thing, has to do with trying to reconcile my personal/artistic aspirations with the place I'm at right now career-wise. I definitely don't want to be editing reality TV forever. BUT I'm also so grateful for this job - and I've made a realization, too. Whether you're a concept artist, a character designer, a screenwriter (my original major in college), a reality TV editor, or the editor of The Hobbit - your job is basically this: storyteller. Almost all creative crafts come back to this - one of the oldest forms of creativity there is. Any book that you read, any art that you look at, any tv show or film that you watch - it affects you because it tells a story that people connect with in some way. You have to know how to make the characters relatable, when to do exposition and when to pull back, what makes a story intriguing. How to create a world that people want to spend time in and know more about. Even a single image or illustration should tell a story, should grab people, make them want to walk into it.

I like my job. I love that it's creative, and I love the act of editing; of finding and putting together the story. I love pretty much everyone I work with. But ultimately I'd just like to work on something I'm passionate about. (Peter Jackson, I know the movie is done, but don't forget you've got two more to make!! I could DEFINITELY pull a few all-nighters for the sake of J.R.R. Tolkein... and I could double as an editor AND concept artist... two employees for the price of one!! Just think about it...)

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