Monday, March 4, 2013

'Funny Bones' - short documentary of caricaturist John Kascht

One thing I've been struggling with while attempting to draw my 90's cover band friends is capturing a resemblance. At this point, I can draw something that looks like a face. But a face that looks like my friend's face is harder to do. And a face that looks like my friend, from different angles, every time? Forget about it.

I recalled watching this short documentary some time ago, and so I watched it again last week to try to gain some insight into how to do it. While I doubt I'll have time to make sculptures, it definitely helped in some ways. But I still can't get my head around one thing - how does he draw a person multiple times, and wildly vary the proportions of their facial features every time - and yet, every time, it STILL looks like that person? Obviously, capturing a resemblance has nothing to do with facial features' proportional relationships. It's something else. Something fleeting, that I don't know quite how to capture on paper yet.

© Gina Florio 2013


  1. "I'm comin' for you with my pencils." This guy is great, and obsessed. Of course the two usually go together. So, Gina, I want you to be amazing. But if you start keeping shrines of pictures and molding people's faces, I'm still going to worry a little.

    1. Ha - it's funny, the things he does in the video didn't strike me as obsessed - just doing his job thoroughly! Also whenever I have to draw someone in particular (like right now) I pull a bunch of photos from google or their facebook page into a file on my computer... so... I'm well on my way I guess.

  2. I can highly recommend Character Design from Life Drawing by Mattesi. It just opens your eyes about this fleeing thing.