Saturday, August 31, 2013

Daily Sketches Weeks 28-35

Really quick post since I am currently in New Jersey on phase one of my epic 2013 trip!

July 6 - unfinished painting from week 6 of class, on the CalTech campus

July 9

July 11 - sketches from The Drawing Club

July 11 - more

July 12 - coffeeshop sketches

July 13 - unfinished painting from week 7 of class

July 21 - Thadd and Jack passed out on the train back from Comic-Con

July 22 - very frustrated this night.

July 23 - this is an example of what I do on the days where I don't document what I drew. Mostly viscom exercises and head/form practices. Boring!

July 24 - more viscom exercises and a concept sketch for a painting I want to try...

July 27 - my favorite painting from class, week 8, at El Matador State Beach

July 31 - eyes

Aug 3 - unfinished painting from week 9 of class, Eaton Canyon

Aug 10 - unfinished painting from the last week of class, at the Getty

Aug 11 - getting ready for the trip by sketching some PARIS!!

Aug 14 - a house in Amsterdam, from a photo by my cousin Kelly

Aug 15 - completed house

Aug 21 - this took a while! watercolor of some houses in Florence, also from a Kelly photo

Aug 23 - just doodling

Aug 25 - starting a picture of Neuschwanstein, which we will be visiting at the end of September

Aug 28 - Neuschwanstein almost finished... when I dropped a big drop of ink right in the middle of the castle. Oh well..

**it seems like some of these are really pixellated for some reason, so I'll try to fix that when I get home...

Okay! That's it from me for a little while! I've got a Comic-Con recap post scheduled to go up while I'm gone, but other than that, I won't post here until after we get back, at the end of September. Hopefully I'll have lots of awesome Europe-y sketches and paintings for you!

Until then, keep calm, carry on, and MAKE ART.

© Gina Florio 2013

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