Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'How to Put Heart Into a Storyboard Sequence'

Friends, thank you all very much for your continued patience with my lack of regular posts. A lot of this year has been about finding a balance - balancing time between work, friends, Dave, general home and life management, and of course, art. I've always remembered Bobby Chiu in his audiobook, The Perfect Bait, saying "There will never be enough time. You have to MAKE time." And that's what I've tried to do this year. Sometimes it was successful, and other times, less so.

Of course, I've also heard that adult life goes more or less like this -  "House, job, kids, workout routine, hobby/passion. Pick three." Gulp. I've already picked three, but I'm planning on adding the other two down the line. Makes quite the case for turning your passion into your job.

I've been struggling to find time and motivation for drawing lately, but then I came across this short writeup today, "How To Put Heart Into a Storyboard Sequence," and it is just one of those great reads that reaffirms your passion for art and animation. The example used by author Francis Glebas is for the Disney movie Pocahontas, far from being my favorite Disney movie - but the example is just as powerful all the same. He takes you through a complete sequence step-by-step and explains his process for interpreting the emotion in the scene visually, which is the mission of a storyboard.

I encourage you to read the full essay. Words of wisdom: "You have to put your heart into your work, whether it comedy, drama, horror, action or romance. That’s our goal. We want to avoid boredom. We want excitement in our lives. We watch movies to feel alive and yes, that feels good. I’m still struggling to be better than my last picture…"

Later this week: one last Daily Sketch update before I leave for Europe for three weeks!

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