Tuesday, October 30, 2012

By Hand - Brian Stewart

Not as many posts lately; things are busy! The trend might continue for the next few weeks (or months) as it's Dave's birthday this weekend, then we have east coast visitors for a few weeks, then it's Thanksgiving, and then of course it's Christmas... right now I am just looking forward to getting home in December and having a few weeks of downtime to do some sketching and work with what I'm learning at CDA on my own time.

Here's a short, lovely little video about Brian Stewart, a plein-air painter, that I came across some time ago.

"I'm trying to grab the viewer by the lapel and shake him and say, look at all this great stuff we're surrounded with!"

His paintings are beautiful and intriguing; he has a real mastery of color and light that lends a magical quality to the images. He also seems to have a calm, friendly demeanor and a real love of life that I appreciate. I definitely would love to learn plein-air painting someday - I love to be outside, and I'm constantly overcome by how beautiful the world is.


  1. Gina. Did you go to his site at all?? Look where he just was: http://www.stew-art.com/BrianS.pdf so funny and yeah, I love his stuff, gorgeous. I love those painters

  2. Kelly - I actually just saw that! But it wasn't August of this year - it's August 2013! I actually opened the PDF in the first place because a little part of me was like "Oh, I could sign me and Kelly up for that" hahaha BUT the $3000 price deterred me somewhat... :P Maybe we can just do some sketching/painting in Belgium for free when I come to visit?

  3. Yes sketching, painting, whatever you want! And wow, I need to read slower haha I totally missed the year in that date.