Friday, October 19, 2012

Letting the Learning Get in the Way

From the Drawn Blog today:
I’ve spent my entire career obsessively trying to “learn how to draw” when I should’ve just been drawing. Always thinking “I just need to get a little better… and then I’ll start working on (insert any of a hundred personal projects)”... The fact is that I’ve been good enough since my teens- and would’ve improved so much more rapidly had my study been in the service of any of those projects- and not in the dozens of sketchbooks pilled in my closet.
Lesson: Don’t use "learning" as an excuse to avoid "doing".
- Shane Glines
I had this exact realization last week when I had to do my 'How To' project for class. I was so scared of actually doing it, knowing it wouldn't come out as great as it looked in my head... thinking, "I'd be so psyched to draw this if I was just a little better and knew I could nail it." But then I did it, and it didn't actually look terrible, and I realized that if I just go ahead and draw all the things I want to draw without worrying about getting better first, I'll improve so much faster than I would if I just muck about doing exercises in my sketchbook without really finishing anything.

I'll be posting some of my own work tomorrow!! GET EXCITED, the 5 people who read this.

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  1. I can relate to this entirely. It´s worse than procrastination, yet can be dispelled equally just by doing. Very motivational and spot on. :) And wonderful blog! Keep up the creative vibes!