Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dynamic Sketching Week 3

Last week we went to the Arboretum in Arcadia to sketch plants. For homework this week we had to do 6 pages of plant sketches and also a "redesign" project, with at least 2 pages worth of ideas for the redesign.

I was actually more excited about the 'mushroom houses' idea, but I decided to go with the pumpkin monster since that had more of a 'redesign' aspect to it, instead of using mushrooms/acorns/pinecones just as they were. Also, I realized mushrooms are technically animals and not plants. Also also, it's Halloween and I felt like it.

I really wish I hadn't shaded the pumpkin and vines so dark; I really wanted them to pop out from the dark background. But this is how we learn. I would love to do this in color sometime, whenever I get myself back to digital painting again.


  1. Oh hey! You're in my class! It all makes sense now. Your work looks great! I really like your mushroom studies. See you next week