Monday, October 8, 2012


I'm making this blog because I want to chronicle my "artistic journey" that I seem to have set myself off on this year. I may be posting my own work here, but I mostly just wanted a place to gather the jumble of things that I read and see that inspire me (my "ART" bookmark folder is getting pretty overstuffed at this point). And I could use a centralized place to put down my various thoughts and ruminations on art and drawing. I also just started a class at the Concept Design Academy, so I'll be writing about my experience there as well. And anything else that comes to mind.

I've subscribed to so many blogs by this point, read so many art books, and watched so many YouTube tutorial videos that I'm beginning to run into the same advice over and over. The chief one seems to be to just draw and draw and draw, all the time, everything, and think of all the bad drawings as dues paid, as steps towards a higher skill level. This post that I came across today spoke to that - "Draw Like a Six-Year-Old", by Phil McAndrew

Draw a lot, and draw with pleasure. I definitely get so wrapped up in trying to make a drawing good that I forget to enjoy the process. And that fear of 'messing up' is still with me, even when I'm by myself with nothing but my cheapest sketchbooks. Things to overcome.

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